According the USDA report, the government has a stock of 366,000 tonnes of wheat and 1,520,000 tonnes of rice. Stock of rice increased following the import of 4000,000 more tonnes of rice.

The government, according to the food ministry, set a target to collect 500,000 tonnes of rice, 300,000 tonnes of paddy during this aman season. As of 18 January, 250,000 tonnes of rice, 3,000 tonnes of paddy has been collected so far.

The report said the government set a target to cultivate around 4.97 million (49 lakhs 70 thousands) hectares in order to produce about 21 million (2 crores 10 lakhs) tonnes of rice. The Boro season rice plantation has started throughout the country beginning in January 2023 and is expected to be harvested between April and May.

Bangladesh’s import of wheat dropped due to India’s wheat export ban, causing a rise in wheat price. According to the TCB, the price of unpacked coarse wheat flour (aata) remained at Tk 62 a kg and the unpacked fine quality wheat flour (maida) price increased slightly to Tk 72 a kg, about 3 per cent higher than last week.

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