Martech platform Wunderkind has entered Asia Pacific by launching an office in Sydney to help clients with their commerce media needs. 

The platform has tapped Jamie Hoey, previously managing director of digital agency Croud, as its Australian country manager to grow headcount across sales, customer success and client partnerships in the coming 12 months. 

The platform has already secured brands like Glue Store, HelloFresh and Uniqlo to help them with their retail media channel, as the digital commerce market in Australia is projected to grow by 14% to $69.35 billion by 2025. 

Brands and retailers that build their commerce platforms are keen to take advantage of commerce media, essentially the digital infrastructure that enables relevant ads to achieve more engaging and meaningful consumer experiences.

Wunderkind wants to address the frustrations faced by brands with online marketplaces like Amazon, where they are unable to own their first-party data and personalise their offerings to consumers. 

With ongoing changes to privacy regulations, as well as shifting addressability capabilities in the industry, first-party data will enable brands to maintain addressability and personalising their customers’ experience.

“Wunderkind has an ambitious global expansion strategy in place which will see us open three new offices in high priority markets by the end of 2023,” said Wulfric Light-Wilkinson, general manager for  international at Wunderkind. 

“Australia has been earmarked as one of these key areas of opportunity, and we’re excited to bring our game-changing performance marketing proposition to this new region.” 

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